The funny Halloween pumpkins based on 3D Stickers, now available as stickers for iMessage on iOS

We are 3D Stickers:  Boo!

scary Jamaican 3D stickers- sticka boo!

And we love to hang out amongst your messages on your iPhone/iPad.

Did you ever hear the story about
the 7 dwar....... er,...
the 7 little pig..., er...

the 7 pumpkins from outer space?

Well, they're not from outer space.

These are 7 little pumpkins, that's it.

brought to you by,
powered by the programming skills of Don Timms
and based on the creatures by Michel Agullo.

The tiny pumpkin's credo:

Just because we're small and our head is hollow, doesn't mean we can't have a moment of shining glory.
Much to the contrary!

But wait, did you say Seven? I count 6!

Ah yes - there is one more.
Check the app - it's free!
It might even grow to more than that,
over time.
Animated funk.
Crazy stuff.
We are hollow-minded pumpkins.
What did you expect?
Space travel?

Did you say Sticka?

Don't you mean Sticker?

In Jamaica,
stickers are stickas, man!
Catch the wave,
Enjoy the breeze.


We're live!
Look for it in the iMessenger app store!

(only for iPhone / iPad with iMessenger)

See the iTunes Preview:


Happy boo'ing!

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