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Bones 101
setting up bones for posing in Curvy 3D  2.0


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Part 1:
Creating the Leg

Let's create a simple case first: the harlequin's leg, with a funny toe. This is easily drawn and sculpted in 6 to 8 brush strokes, using the default (Lathe) tool. Here's a screen capture. Notice how I have changed the views to just show me 2 views: a Left view and a front view. The shapes were drawn in the Left view in this example. Really simpel stuff, very natural for a 2D illustrator: for example, the lower left was drawn with two curves going top-down, shown here in orange:

By-the-way, if you're using a mouse to draw, do yourself a favor and get a tablet. You really will do much better, by orders of magnitude, with a tablet, when it comes to drawing lots of such shapes.

Ok, so the shape is there, in the form of several body parts that partly overlap. We didn't go into the details of how to draw Lathes, because it's basic material and not the topic of this tutorial. Here we'll focus on adding and using bones, but obviously we will want some mesh objects to use the bones with.

Quick Merge All

Now that all parts are in place, simply merge them all, from the menu:

Model -> Quick Merge All

As usual, you may want to smooth the resulting mesh a little, perhaps a few times.

Use the keyboard shortcut 'S' for Smooth, or even Shift+S for faster (more aggressive) smoothing.

Yep, it's that fast and easy. We now have a one-toed leg, complete with knee and heel.


Part 2: Planing to lay out the Bones...

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Bones 101

Bones 101
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