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Bones 101
setting up bones for posing in Curvy 3D  2.0


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Part 3:
Skinning the Object

To Skin an object or mesh means to tell it to look for nearby bones and react to their presence. A Skinned surface is one that is under the influence of bones.

Thus, select the leg, and change its attribute to Skinned. It's that simple. You can do that from the Object menu:

You can also do that from the Options menu in the Object Properties panel on the right side. Look for its options, and see if it includes "SK" (Skinned)

Click the Options text to change the Skinned status and eneable it.

So, yes, this step is indeed very short. It's just a matter of enabling the Skinned behaviour, as an attribute which you can turn on or off, on most objects, including meshes, but also some other types.

Part 4: Arranging the bones in a linked hierarchy...

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Bones 101

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