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Bones 101
setting up bones for posing in Curvy 3D  2.0


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Final remarks & Next Steps

In this exercise, we used a single mesh of the whole entire leg, and placed several bones through it. This is a typical example of where several rigid bones are inside a softbody container. This is however not the only possible use. You can for example also use one bone per solid, rigid body part. For example, if you have a model which is made of 'bones', not flesh, and you want to control their poses, like for a skelleton, without messing it up. The rigging through bones will give it some nice controls.

Furthermore, we used a single object above, that was turned into a mesh. That too is not strictly necessary. You can certainly use bones to control the pose of Line objects and Lathes, for example.

If the objects are found to be defined by control curves, then the bones affect the position and shape of the control curves, which in turn affect the shape of the object. If the objects are foudn to be made of polygonal meshes, then the bones will affect the position of the polygon's vertices.

to be continued...

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