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Teapot Confetti

Using Curvy together with PD Pro's Custom Brush

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Confetti Time!

Now you'll want to paint with this brush. If you want the brush to react to tablet pressue for size control, orother operations that are time consuming such as rotation with mouse or random size, you'll want to enable custom brush transforms from the Custom tab in the brush settings (options).

You can then use the various transform controls in the Main tab of the brush options panel.

Here's the result of one brush stroke:

Since the brush contains multiple images, it is an animated brush. There are a few things you can do with that, such as throwing various filters across the animated brush timeline.

The Brush timeline editor looks similar to the regular timeline editor, except that it works on the frames of the custom brush,  not the main animation. Also, keep in mind that it works on the currently loaded, active custom brush, not on a stored instance. You can have many stored custom brushes present. Only one custom brush is in the active painting system. That's the one you work with. So be sure to click the thumbnail of the desired stored brush so it loads it into the current, active system.

Here's an example of what you could use the animated brush timeline editor for. You can modify the colors of each frame in different ways. The bottom is the original sequence, the top is the modified version after rendering the Color Add filter.

Now this is teapot confetti!

Teapot Confetti
part 1
part 2
part 3

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