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It's all About Motion, Beats and Rhythmic Animation.

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Other Dogwafflers of the Moment

hot: check my music video: Never Ending!

Hi all, I'm Ricky. Also known as AniRhythm.

I am an Artist,  I create music, computer graphics, animation, 3D content for animators, game developers. and more.   I have been blessed with an extensive 
discography  in the music industry from many years of working with High Profile Production Teams.  This is my own production company website as an independent artist / producer / content developer.

I'll be posting new artwork on my twitter as I make it - twitter@anirhythm

This is my label on beatport -   ( I'm also on all major shops worldwide )  this will show more of the album cover artwork. 

I attached one image here that I did with a combination of dogwaffle ( for background ),  Daz Studio ( for creating character )  iclone ( for posing character ), indigo ( for rendering character ) and paintshop pro - (for compositing scene).

I also do animations, of course. It's all about motion, rhythm, animated beats and ethereal visions.
Here's one test animation I did with iClone and Dogwaffle:

I haven't gone as far as I wanted to with it yet -  the new dogwaffle 11.1 has some really cool new features,  and I recently upgraded my video card to an Nvidia GTXx 1070, so I have a lot more power to experiment with the new Puppy Ray features. My old gtx 460 choked so I was limited. 

I'll be using dogwaffle mainly for album cover artwork, for my music releases,  plus now with the new upgraded system I may try my hand at a sci fi space battle scene I've always wanted to do and use dogwaffle for lazer beam effects and background mattes. ( your lava tutorials are inspiring too so I may try incorporating animated textures into the models as well ).

My animations have mostly been experiments so far,  I wish I could be as fluid in coming up with video ideas as I am with coming up with music ideas. The slow video card didn't help when it crashed either,  so I'm excited to try again with a new card and new version of howler!

Note: if you have a slow card or (even with a fast card) are rendering complex scenes  at super high resolution that take longer than 2 seconds per rendering pass, you may want to increase the TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery)  limit, so as to prevent the graphics driver from being reset by Windows. Learn more here about TDR:

Here are two more images where Howler was used in some ways.

Elven Ship var 1

Iceman 2

Here is also a website that I created. It has a lot more of my artwork - 
Please check the Gallery - though I haven't updated it in a while.

I can be contacted there too:

My Artist / Label focus is Electronic Dance Music, but I am a skilled and experienced composer / sound designer/ midi programmer, not limited to dance ( I love rock, classical, hip hop, R&B, Jazz, new age, ethnic, +, and indulge every so often ).

Here is some of what I can do for you too:
- Remix,  Mix, Production, Perform, DJ
- Computer Graphic Renders ( book, Album Covers, web graphics )
- Animation
- Video Editing
- Sound Design for Video
- Motion Design / Custom Keyframe Animation - bvh / fbx
- 3D Character Design / asset design / procurement/ sourcing
- Photoshopping /  Photo - restoration
- Wix Page Designs like this one
- Freelance legal / paralegal assistant / consultant to Music Attorneys.
Here are more sites from me:       -  Europe / Asia


     AniRhythm...  keepin' it movin'