Dogwaffler of the Moment - March/April 2005:

Dave Garlick

fiddler by frogdot


Hi, my name is Dave Garlick, I live in Soutern California. I'm better known as  Frogdot. I'm about 50 and discovered Project Dogwaffle a few years ago through an announcement at My first version of Dogwaffle was v1.1

Waffle tree #1

I used to paint and draw with real paint, nowadays I do mostly digital art.

I also use 3D tools like Bryce, Poser, Amapi, Mojoworld. My PC is a Dell, 2.4ghz with XP home

What I like most about Project Dogwaffle is the closeness to "real" painting and drawing.

About my artwork:

'Fiddler'- I used to draw frogs and had a line of pen & ink drawings/paintings for sale, years ago. Tried recreating one here.

'Pastel Hills'- most like a painting style I had. Painted over a Bryce rendering.

I really like to experiment with Dogwaffle. It is difficult to relax and let a brush fly around with other programs  I've used during years of precise digital art. Dogwaffle allows the freedom of freeform painting, without the turpentine smell :-)

My website is  - I also have artwork at 3dcommune

Surf's Up

Bruce the Bucaneer

Pastel Hills

Yellow and Green Scene

Waffle Tree #2

Mojo with Waffle

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