Dogwaffler of the Moment - March/April 2005:

Jennifer Goss
Bellevue, Washington


- How old are you and what do you do?

I'm 21, currently a college student, although I have done some artwork for a local theater, doing some costume design and makeup design work as well as general artwork - so I like to think that I am working towards a professional level.

- How did you "discover" Project Dogwaffle?

A friend of mine introduced me to Dogwaffle when it had just come out, before Dan had even  decided to charge for future versions.  He had  stumbled across the site, and gave me a link.  It was actually several months before I had a good enough computer to download it, and by then the website had changed, so I had to search for it online.  Once I found the new site and downloaded it (by then a new version had come  out, but I grabbed the free demo), I was hooked :)


(quick pic)

- which was your first Dogwaffle version?

Version 1.11b - and its still the version I use :)  I love that its a full program, with unlimited saves, no expiration date, or watermarks like you find in a lot of 'demo' programs.  Dogwaffle offers a complete product, and knowing that there are even better versions is a constant source of tempation.  And I  still have barely scratched the surface of what 1.11 can offer!

- how long have you been waffling?

I am not sure on the exact date, but I believe late 2001 was when I began waffling.
- do you consider yourself an 'artist' at heart, like, do you paint, sketch, go to the Art museum etc?

YES - I would go stir crazy without art! :)  I draw, paint in watercolor, paint in oil, draw manga, have some large charcoal works, and have recently gotten into pyography (woodburning).  And then of course computer graphics - where Dogwaffle is my primary program of choice. ^.^ Although I have not been to an art museum in some time - last time I went the museum had barely any art in it :P


- do you use 3D modeling/animation products?

MAYA, Terragen, and Genesis.  However, I am still learning so have no showwork pieces yet :P

- what kind of PC do you use? (Windows  version, processor speed, how old is it...?)

AMD Duron, 1.3 GHz, Windows XP

- what do you like most about Dogwaffle?

The versatility of the brushes.  It can come very close to natural media painting, with the  wonderful option to undo!  Some nice filters as well, and the starry effect is a favorite of mine.  My most common used tool would be the airbrush, set to a lower opacity.  I also love how foliage turns out in some of the pictures I have seen others do. The program works very well with my preferred realism/anime/storybook style of art, as I can get people in between simple cel shading and photorealism for a blend that fits what I have in my mind.

- what needs improvement? 
As I have the beginning version, cannot really say.  But I would love a cut/paste option (like MS Paint has) or more layers.

- Can you say a few things about your images?

'Bunny' is probably my favorite picture so far, and was very different from my usual subject matter.  I drew it for a friend's contest themed on bunnies, and found a reference photo online so I could reference the anatomy.  While I never did get the leaves to my liking, I love how the fur and bunny itself came out, especially the eye.  Most of the fur was fine liner on low opacity, and took a LONG time to finish.  But I think the end product was well worth the time spent, which was about 3 full days of working :)


(The winged boy) I created for a friend's birthday.  I have mixed feeligns about the result.  I dislike the sandstone pillars, the came out too 'flat' for my tastes, but I like the overall storybook/fanciful quality of the piece.  The moon was much less realistic than my usual moon pictures, but I think it worked well with the piece, keeping it more dreamlike.  I used airbrush for the glowing wings, which I wanted to be insubstantial and misty looking.


'A Penny For Your Thoughts'
is unique from the others in that I started completely from scratch, rather than scanning in a sketch.  While the faces came out a bit too smeary (I was over addicted to the smear tool at that point) I love the lighting and the texture of the dancing couples clothes.  This was a relatively quick picture, taking only a couple of hours.

Penny for your thoughts

'Snow and Kero'
was for a contest on goGaia, and was difficult in that the characters had to be made to exact specifics - very difficult for me, as I am used to designing my own  characters.  My least favorite part of the picture is the background, but I still think the kids on the rock are cute ^.^  The waterfall was rather fun to do though - it was a mixture of tools, but mostly the scratchy brush.  I had to fiddle with smudging and varying opacity on brushes to get the water to look like it was rushing fast and splashing at the base.  I wish I had not used the stoney tool for the rock background though, or at least tweaked it more, as it seems out of place.

Snow and Kero
- Where can we find more?

I don't have my own website (yet), but I do post my artwork at the 3dcommune. Look for 'NewmoonStudios' there.
Some of the pictures shown here are also shown at 3DC, some larger. I can be contacted there. View my collective works:

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