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 Help for users of Project Dogwaffle

PD Pro, Howler
                                                  edition Particle 9 - from
                                                  outer space



Neu - New!
Dokumentation auf Deutsch?
Ja hier geht's los! - hier klicken!

Documentation en français ?
Oui, par ici - la doc en français

Hay documentos de ayuda en español?
Sí, vamonos aquí - Ayuda en español

The Online User's Guide:

Best viewed at 1024x768 screen resolution or higher)

PD Help
- the online User Guide (in English)
Note: requires a web browser which supports inline Frames

Or look at each chapter individually here - PageList2

Frequently Asked Questions


and this help is specific to newer versions of Howler or Artist editions

PD Help for Offline Reading - zip-compressed:
...the same as the online user guide shown above, but zipped up into a single archive file. Download & unpack it to your local disc drive to view it  offline or to print. See details for printing below.  (latest version - but we didn't say recent)
   a zipped archive of the html version: 13.3 Mb (14 023 038 bytes)

Is there a Printable Manual?
print your own, from the html
PDHelp - how to print it

what happened to the old Doghelp?
...the original help files in Windows Help format. Good for a quick reference for starters, but be sure to consult the new User's Guide too, as it has much more new content and insights, tips and tricks.
  a Quick Reference Guide

Looking for Tutorials?
...the right tools for the right job, many free tutorials, also: tutorial collections for purchase
Tutorials    and also of course

new releases, new features, major upgrades?
what's new? 

Latest patches - free updates?

Downloads for Howler

Product Reviews of Project Dogwaffle/PD Pro?

Are you a programmer? Want to make plugins? 
Programmer's / Developer's SDK

Did Dogwaffle get any Awards?

Links to art resources & more paint and animation software?


Is there an official dogwaffle forum?

I think I need technical support / Customer Service - a human
Contact us, by email, call us, or ask other users in the forums

My Tablet doesn't work, no pressure response ...
... you may just need to update your tablet driver or the
vbtablet.dll runtime library - it's free

I just want to buy it now ...
 Buy here

What is Project Dogwaffle?
...ever burnt a waffle in a brand-new toaster? It's good for the dog.
we have also been painting with it...
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