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Friends of Project Dogwaffle, to learn to paint, and other interesting 2D and 3D resources
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General Software Solutions - top download sites
Kostenlose Software   neu!
Free Software (German edition)
the mother of all download sites, by CNET
we love tucows - moooooh!

 Architectural Resources, Illustrations & Renderings 

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 Friends of Project Dogwaffle - Thanks, we couldn't have done it without you! 

  • GreenReaper Laurence Parry's VBtablet (great tablet input interface code for VB applications). VBtablet is also at Source Forge. Thank you Laurence!  Note to PD Pro users: If your tablet doesn't recognize the pressure data in Dogwaffle, update vbtablet here.
  • - Software Graphic Libraries and tools by Alex Denisov - a great resource for Plugin developers!  Thanks Alex!

  • Thanks  to Wolfiemine for brushsets and gradients!

VB Tablet by Greenreaper    image imports by

 Graphic Tablets 

  • Tablet PC Software - new!  Cost saving paper-free solutions for the mobile real--estate professionals.

  • AceCad makes affordable tablets like the AceCat Flair. They supplied our VBtablet developer with a free  development unit and for that we are very grateful. Check their products.

  • Wacom makes great tablets too, for all budgets and sizes. Thanks Wacom, for assisting us with development hardware!

  • After Hours Computers - While we're on the topic of tablets, if you're looking for a more affordable alternative, check out this UK based reseller of several brands (Aiptek, Nisis, Acecad, Qware), very low prices. use their 'Search' for 'tablets'.

Tablet PCs and ruggedized Tablets from

Find Great Deals on Graphic Tablets!

Wacom tablets
from $89 and up
Graphic tablets and art pads from

Adesso tablets
from $55 and up

 : : : Tools for Painting, Video FX, Post work, Filters, Textures,... : : :

Tools for Raster-to-Vector conversion (Flash, SVG, PostScript...?), Vector Art Drawing

Escapemotions by Peter Blaskovic

  • VectorEye, by Siame Editions, France - convert raster to vector formats (Flash, SVG, PostScript): 19 - 49 Euros ($25 - $64)
  • PhotoLine32 - 59 Euros  (about $75) - great tools, solid German engineering :-)
  • Gertrudis for Dogwaffle plugin (PostScript output) - $34
  • Magick Studio - Online image conversion to CMYK and about 70+ other formats, powered by ImageMagick! (which is used in Dogwaffle too - Batch conversion!)
  • AutoTrace, by Martin Weber - free and awesome!
  • DrawPlus 4 - free version of Vector Drawing Program from Serif at FreeSerifSoftware.comEmbedded Vector Editor
  • Mayura Draw - very nice Vector Drawing program, very affordably priced
  • EVE - cool! Embedded Vector Editor - super cool, for SVG, and it's a free web edition!  

Content - textures, images, brushes, 3D models...
Digital Furniture - 3d content for
                            architects and game designers- Digital Furniture - 3D furniture models for architectural and interior visualization with Vray shaders. Free models available to download
- awesome collection of textures
- Great Texture collections of Trees, Shrubbery, Grass, foliage and more
-use the Plant generator of Carrara Studio 3 to render your own plants

3D tools, 2D tools, viewers, movie tools, conversion tools
  • SenoSoft P3dO Explorer/Pro image viewer

- great image viewer, for 2D and some 3D formats too. Perfect companion to Dogwaffle and your Poser or Wavefront OBJ files.

- 3D Strange Attractor Rendering Software: Fractals, Strange Attractors...
Chaoscope, 3D
                      strange attractor rendering software
  • Gertrudisnow available as standalone Gertrudis Pro edition or as plugin for Project Dogwaffle
artistic fx, pen & ink and more. See a tutorials here.

- fantastic Fractals software and art.
                      Fractal Art
...Great Viewers, Converters, Animation tools, 3D Models and content:
  • PolyView -  a powerful image viewer/converter from PolyBytes
  • Martin Wright's SHOW viewer for Flightsim games and other common image formats,  with many other tools for support of extended BMP 2000 formats - example: Bmp2000
  • Gamani's GifMovieGear - convert Dogwaffle anims to Flash & animated Gif
  • PGV - Paul's Graphics Viewer of course. Supports compressed BMP, great for gamers such as flight sim games! just $25?  WOW
  • Irfanview, awesome free image viewer/converter and then some. Make screen savers, slideshows, extract frames from animations,...
  • XN View - free and sweet image viewer
  • AVIsynth - another example of solid German engineering. Jawohl!
  • Virtualdub - great + free video conversion/dubbing/fx software - awesome!
  • Neuron2 by Donald Graft - lots of filters and more
  • - home of VideoMach and other cool video tools!
  • Debugmode - home of Satish Kumar: Wink (Tutorial/Presentation creator) is Awesome. And  Wax (video editing & special effects software) is amazing. - great stuff. And it's free!
  • ZweiStein video composer/editor by Thugs at Bay - awesome! and free!!!!
  • the GIMP - free(!) opensource project, lots of features and tools
Please support Irfanview - donate a buck or two

Paul's Graphics Viewer



                      Studio 3
texture maker
  • anim8or - a free 3D animation program by Steve Glanville; perhaps something for you to make 3D logos and more, then apply special FX with Dogwaffle?
  • - a very affordable 3D modeler, great for human figure modeling and more
  • Julien Chaplier's Carrara Plugins - reason enough to get Carrara 4 for your 3D needs!
  • - great collection of textures, tools, galleries.
  • UVmapper Pro - by Steve Cox - check tutorial
  • CG Trader - at - a great source to buy or sell 3D models

: : :  Want to learn computer science & programing, perhaps for gamedev too? : : :


: : :  Parlez-vous Blender?  a great & free 3D tool for hobbyists and professionals : : :

   Just because it's free doesn't mean you don't need to know about it...  Blender is an amazingly complete, fast and powerful 3D modeling and animation tool. And considering it's free... wow!

New! The Blender Resources have moved to here:  Blender Resources >>>

: : :  Lightwave 3D / LW3D  : : :

Lightwave 3D is one of the top 3D animation programs. The creator of Dogwaffle, Dan Ritchie, also uses Lightwave for his 3D animation work. Here are a few good resources.

: : :  Bryce & Co :  some amazing 3D art resources

- Many links to Bryce-friendly 3D and art resources
- also makes Mimic for Lightwave! and they're the new owner of Carrara too
- use it with PD Particles to enhance your renderings
- turn still image renderings into animations

: : : Other Paint & Imaging tools  : : :  for when you need a companion to Project Dogwaffle

Yes it's true, we hope to sell commercial versions of Dogwaffle, in addition to helping you with the free version. But we also have a general love for the Arts, so we like to tell you about other tools which might fit your needs, even if they are direct competitors to Project Dogwaffle. Perhaps this planet is big enough for all of us, and perhaps you can use more than one tool. So there.
  • Irfanview - top pick! one of the greatest if not the greatest image viewer/converter/slideshow maker, free for home use
  • XnView - another awesome viewer
  • Pixel - multi-platform (!) image editor by Pavel Kanzelberger, for Windows, Mac, BeOS, Linux and a bunch more. Rather affordably priced too.

  • the GIMP - free(!) opensource project, lots of features and tools.
  • Artweaver - another great and free paint and imaging program - has the DogWeaver plugin and Lua!
  • last but not least, don't forget our very own:  Project Dogwaffle 1.2, the free version
pro motion is a pixel oriented drawing and animation software for Windows designed similar to the famous Amiga Deluxe Paint (DPaint).

: : : more Tools & Resources for Animators : : :

  • New! Welcome to the OEDB - Online Education Database - resources for the Arts: language arts, Graphic Arts, animation, video, online classes: is a comprehensive online education/elearning portal. They have created a comprehensive database of open online courses from all over the web covering a wide array of subjects. The declared goal with this site is to connect students of all ages with the resources and information they need to help them find success in their education and careers.

a traditional raster and vector animation program (free!)

  • - a great resource for many forms of traditional animation. Visit the forum (message board) to discuss animation with other like-minded artists.
Creator of TabTip Tamer, a great tool for users of TabletPC'sw with  cursor lag issues. Also has numerous links to other cartooning and animation sites.
pro motion is a pixel oriented drawing and animation software for Windows designed similar to the famous Amiga Deluxe Paint (DPaint).
a great set of free or very affordable and fun tools for old-school traditional animators in the 21st century. Try this page for MonkeyJam too. Also has great links and resources for animators. Thanks Dave, awesome stuff!
  • K-toon - an open-source Toon animation project by Toonka Films
  • Animation Meat - a vast, extensive resource for Animators. Lots of great links!

  • Moho - great vector based 2D character animation software by Lost Marble, with bones; some links to animation tutorials too. Great resource for animators.

  • - tutorials, freebies and other resources for users of 3DS Max
  • Texture tools including animaed ones at Paurex

: : : for Game Developers! : : :

  • Unity, by Over The Edge Entertainment  (Mac gamedev system)
  • Delgine 3D Tools - DeleD the modeler and scene assembler, ModelPacks, TexturePacks... many cool and powerful  resources for game developers !
Delgine - great 3D tools for GameDev
  • Fragmosoft, maker of  Fragmotion: Create and animate 3d models for your games with ease and without going broke!

  • IGDA - International Game Developers Associations
  • 3impact  It's not a physics engine. It's not a rendering engine. And it's not a network game engine either. It is all these things together!
looking for a royalty-free,
Dynamics Capable
Game Engine?
  • your name here?
got game?
  • INet Software - Software for Games, Media and Web (incl. Button Maker & World Creator)

Game Maker

  • Milkshape3D - a 3D modeler for game content by Mete Ciragan, with bones and support for many game formats 

  • - the leading online community for game developers of all levels new!

  • - Daily Game Development News and Resource new!

Music and Sounds

Time for fun? Let's play a game
 - coming soon:  'THE' first person shooter in space

 : : : Just for Kids- Children's Art Resources

- Project Dogwaffle 9 includes '3D sticker brushes'.... fun to use in artwork of many kinds.

Meet the big brother, and the little sister:
- a resource collection for kids from ArtsHeaven at
- Free Art Resources for Kids 
  Crafts - Drawing - Coloring - Paper Folding - Recycled Crafts/Painting - Sculpting
  • Cosmic Blobs - cool ! A 3D modeler to make blobs from outer space landing on your kid's imagination. (view samples, using the eDrawings plugin). From the bright minds at Dassault!
  • - Museum of Children's Art, Oakland, California

The Free version of Project Dogwaffle 1.2

eDrawings viewer

 : : : Art Resources - Learn to Paint, Appreciate Art, Read 2D/3D News : : :

  • - Stephen Lequier's site with great tutorials for users of Photoshop 7, CS and CS2

  • Flametree Studios - Fine Art Reproductions.
    Hundreds of fine art reproductions of famous paintings, hand painted using the finest materials.

  • A Thousand Sketches - a project by Walter Logeman of New Zealand to draw 1000 Sketches in a year on a tablet PC

3rd place Winner of the 2006/2007 CG Arena 'Winter' contest

Fine Art Reproductions, Oil Painting Reproductions of Old Masters - Hand Painted
  • Digital Art Guild - is it really art? you bet it is. Come look who's shaking and making it. Submit your own Digital Art, visit the forums, send your D.A. related articles...
digital art guild founded by joe nalven

Sarah J

> other art magazines!

::: Space Pictures :::

  • Steph 3D - A great French 3D resource. On n'a pas de pétrole mais on a des idées!
  • has been sold - waiting to see what's coming on tis new site
                      environments: buildings, interiors, furniture,
                      trees, plants
Looking for more tools and content to complement Project Dogwaffle? Try