The Dogwaffle Spring 2005  Independence Day
and V-day 60th anniversary Celebration Event


We wish to honour and sincerely thank the families who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII to liberate Europe from the tyranny of the Nazi regime.  Without the victory over Hitler's army, we would probably not be around today enjoying digital art.

In Celebration of  Freedom, for the 60th anniversary of the fall of the Nazi regime, we're offering a 60% discount on Project Dogwaffle 2, if purchased through Regnow or Digibuy.

Both Regnow and Digibuy can accept your payment by check, money order, wire transfer, credit cards and other methods. Regnow also support payments through Paypal.

This offer is good through US Independence Day, July 4 2005.   

Let freedom ring!

And if you know a neighbor who has fought in World War 2, be sure to shake hands and say thanks.

Happy waffling -

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