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The SDK and API

Software Developer Kit and Information for Programmers


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Information from Developers, for Developers - how to make your own filters, plugins, extensions...
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Newest Additions:

  • A description of how Dogwaffle is Programmed, software architecture & internals..... Read it here 
Please note: This SDK is free. And you can make plugins for the full commercial version as well as for the freeware version. You don't have to buy Project Dogwaffle to start developing plugins. It is also easily possible to integrate Dogwaffle into your project, such as a gamedev system or 3D modeling application!

    If you are interested in the exciting field of computer graphics programming, but don't have the time or resources to develop your own high-end image processing application, or would like a way to build and test your own routines and algorithms for imaging without the hassle of low-end hardware abstractions and archaic programming structures, then Project Dogwaffle's plugin interface accommodates  a friendly, high-end environment that still lets you write fast, flexible code.

   Project Dogwaffle plugins are standard executable programs that can be written in almost any language that supports ActiveX under Microsoft Windows.

   The newly updated SDK focuses on Visual Basic Professional or Enterprise edition versions 5 and 6, and Visual Basic .Net.

The GUI Server for Rapid Prototyping!

  You can quickly make GUI based dialogs in plugins for Project Dogwaffle with various IDE's when you use the GUI  Server. 

> read more about the GUI server

  Examples of 3rd-party plugins: 

No VB? No problem!
It's easiest to write new plugins in VB, but it's also easy with other development systems. Project Dogwaffle runs as an active-X server, so any OLE-enabled development system should work. If your software development system can connect to active-X servers, you're ready to go.  Others have done it. Alternatively, you might want to use the free starter edition of Visual Basic (VB Express) from Microsoft.

new! Using C++ ?
Check sample source code from Curvy3D
using Delphi/Pascal? C? PowerBasic?
source code snippets and examples and more details here

Lua Scripting for Filters!
Marco Pontello is developing a plugin for Dogwaffle which is a Lua Scripting frontend. You can therefore write image filter algorithms in the form of simple text files containing Lua scripts. No need to compile, no need for software developer systems. 

> read more about Lua for Dogwaffle: DogLua

Project Dogwaffle: The SDK Documentation

VB5 and
                      Project Dogwaffle
Most of the SDK information can be found in the
The SDK source code samples are here:
File:   (size: 181 kb)

Looking for programming tools, compilers, development systems?
  • The Free Country - has all you need for many platforms: Windows, Linux... Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources
  • Bloodshed Software's Dev-C++ and Pascal and other languages - awesome!

New to VB? Here are more VB & Graphics Resources:

Do you use Delphi-Pascal, C/C++, PowerBasic, or other tools to code?

Several plugins for Project Dogwaffle from 3rd-party developers have been created with Delphi, such as ArtWeaver's 'Dogweaver' plugin, GErtrudis for Dogwaffle and MultiPrint. See them and others here:  3rdpartyplugins

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