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Lava Textures
Creating animated hot stuff in Dogwaffle for use in 3D animation
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Here's a small version of an animated texture I created in PD Pro, saving it to AVI file. For this presentation I reduced the size and frame count from 300 to 75.  I then packed the saved AVI file into a Flash animation. The original AVI (uncompressed) is about 50 MB large.

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 (requires Flash MX player/plugin to view) 

The AVI was is available here, encoded with the Xvid codec:

 lava3u_flipped_xvid.avi  (735 kb)

 You will need a codec capable of decoding ISO standard MPEG4 video, such as Xvid or DivX.

I then applied this animated texture to the glow channel of a material in Carrarar 4, and rendered it texture mapped onto a simple piece of geometry representing the flow of lava. I rendered it within a mountain scene here. Note that Carrara 4 wasn't apparently happy with the Xvid codec and didn't display the texture from the xvid file directly. Use  VirtualDub or Dogwaffle to convert it to uncompressed or other form.

Not too bad for a first test. I think there are many things that can be done too with it to further improve it, such as bump mapping, displacement mapping.

I'll describe the steps used to make a texture like this in a tutorial some day soon.

Here's a first small 3D rendering, done with Carrara 4:
160x120 pixels, 6 frames per second, 10 seconds duration.
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 (requires Flash MX player/plugin to view)   

Here are more examples of textures created:  the third one is based on the second one but has higher contrast.

[1085 kb]
[455 kb]
[943 kb]

more possibilities:
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The tutorial is now in this separate page