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I have a tablet, and it works with other programs, but Dogwaffle doesn't recognize the pressure. I can't make it change the size or the opacity with pressure even though I enabled them in the checkboxes in the Brush Settings panel. What's wrong with my tablet?

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Get the tablet demo program to check your tablety with vbtablet functionality:



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Recent Update: (2/2008)
I've had problems lately with using my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet in Project Dogwaffle: PD Pro or PD Particles were not able to recognize and use the tablet pen's pressure, even though at the Wacom driver level it was just fine and the test tools in the Wacom config area of the Control Panel were showing pressure data just fine. It seems like that pressure data was just not getting all the way through to PD.

Here's how I fixed it:

Project Dogwaffle uses a VB wrapper around Wintab (the Windows tablet interface used for tablet data access). The wrapper is called VBtablet. VBtablet is normally installed as part of your installation of PD Pro or other versions of Project Dogwaffle with tablet pressure support. My suspicion is that perhaps the installation of VBtablet got corrupted or
somehow disabled, not really sure, but what I did is re-install VBtablet from here:

(note: if over time the location of the project changes, just search for VBtabet)

I downloaded the original one dated from 2003 (not the newer It might be that the more recent one might work too, I just haven't had time to try it, nor a need to.

I saved the download, then unzipped it into a temp folder, then ran the Setup file found in it, and that re-installed VBtablet and now Dogwaffle pressure is again working nominally with my tablet. Woohoo!

Background: Most likely, nothing's wrong with your tablet, and there's probably an easy fix. Assuming you went to your tablet manufacturer's website and got and installed the newest driver for your tablet, it could be that for some unknown reason your system doesn't find or use the VBtablet.dll runtime library file which Dogwaffle uses and installed with other files in your dogwaffle installation folder.  If you  use Dogwaffle 2 or 3 and 3.1 as an upgrade you probably had Dogwaffle installed in

    C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle

If you installed PD Pro 3.1 then it probably lives in

    C:\Program Files\PD Pro

but it could be somewhere else if you already had an older version of Dogwaffle there or decioded to use specific folder names for various installations such as dogwaffle1.2 and dogwaffle_2, or if you keep your application installations on a different disk such as a D: drive.

Either way, and even if you selected a different installation folder, you should have in that installation folder a library file called VBtablet.dll. Under normal circumstances, Windows will find it in the current folder from where Dogwaffle is started. However, in some cases we have found that didn't happen, and thus the VBtablet.dll functionality was missing at runtime, and consequentially the pressure data didn't make it from the tablet though VBtablet.dll's functions and into Dogwaffle or PD Pro.

The workaround has been in many cases to simply install a copy of VBtablet.dll into the following folder:


If you're not sure where you installed Dogwaffle on your system, or you're not sure how to copy the VBtablet.dll file to the above system32 location, or if you tried this and it still doesn't work, or if for some strange obscure reason you can't find a VBtablet.dll file on your system's hard drive, then you can get a new copy of VBtablet.dll installed automatically by installing the VBtablet test program from the following location, the author website of VBtablet: or the SourceForge repository: - if you use Internet Explorer you can also try this version which runs as an Active X inside IE: - If that doesn't work, then feel free to grab a copy of VBtablet.dll here:

zipped: -  size: 74.4 KB (76,194 bytes)

unzipped:  VBTablet.dll - size: 228 KB (233,472 bytes)

After installing the demo, run it to verify that it recognizes tablet pressure data (and possible other data such as angular tilt, if your tablet supports it). Then restart Dogwaffle. Use some of the built-in brushes first, not a custom brush. Use something like the large airbrush  or large Pen, or the Penny plugin (keyboard shortcut:  'k' for k)iller plugins, then select the "Misc" tab and scroll down to Penny. Inside the penny tool panel, increase the Size value a little, the default is very low and makes very fine lines even with pressure applied. Penny is a Spline based paint engine which was introduced with the free Dogwaffle 2.1 update patch

A final note:
The workaround described above has helped in a number of cases involving Wacom Volito, Wacom Intuos (original), Trust and other tablets. We believe (but are not sure) that the problems were NOT related to these specific tablets, but rather to something in the Windows environment configuration, perhaps an environment variable used to lokup dynamic runtime libraries (dll's) which may have prevented the VBtablet.dll file coming with the Dogwaffle installation from being recognized and properly used.