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    Hot Video #1

Project Dogwaffle:

PD Pro - Artist edition -
                                        just paint!   PD Pro,
                                        Howler edition - paint and
tutorials on our youtube channel Tweet woof howl waffle!
Advanced Digital Painting Techniques - More Force Fields for Particle brushes

direct YouTube link:
I may be blue
                                  but I'm still a girl, can't you tell?

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PD Artist

PD Howler

What's Cool

Particle brushes:
Age Decrement, Shift key and Forcefields


Fireworks painted and animated with particle brushes, some with Forcefields

Forcefields Redux

The Many types of brushes

2D Tools  -  3D Tools  -  Music   -   GameDev

3d terrain animations in
                                    Carrara, foliage, skies, planets
landscape / terrain animations in Carrara