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 October is 8ktober -

 Dogwaffle can render 8k landscapes

Elevation maps, texture maps, sky maps and more

PD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects

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  What is 8k  |  What do I need?  |  What creates 8k?  |   JSplacement  |  Samples  |  8k_Samples  

What is 8k ?

8k is 8000. Or more precisely: 8192.

It is the number of pixels in a very large image. Large today, very large yesterday, tiny tomorrow. It's all relative and depends on who you ask and when you ask.

This is big for a 32-bit program. What do I need?

Dogwaffle can load or create images at 8k resolution. It's not trivial, but it can do it. You'll want to reduce the number of minimal and maximal undos, You'll wat to let the undo images go to disk rather than to memory. You'll want to select the maximum allowed undo memory. And you'll want to be on a PC with 8 or 16 GB of RAM or more, and fast RAM, 2400 MHz or better. It works on slower systems too, we've used 1100 MHz, it works.

During rendering the GPU may go and get busy for a while. If it takes longer than 2 seconds, WIndows may erroneously think that it's dead in its tracks, stuck in an endless loop. You will want to adjust the delay value for TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) in order to prevent Windows from resetting the GPU and crashing Dogwaffle pre-emptively.

Learn more about TDR here:

Note: If you increased the TDR in the past, and it (PuppyRay GPU rendering of large images) used to work before but now suddenly stopped working, perhaps you had a Windows update. Please be aware that Windows updates may reset TDR settings in the future. If suddenly a rendering doesn't work even tough it used to work fine in the past, you may need to re-check the TDR delay's value.

What creates 8k images?

You do.

You might use JSplacement to create great displacement maps, heightmaps, bump maps. You might start from scratch directly in Dogwaffle, create an image of 8192 pixel in width and height. Then render various items into it, such as grids, plasma noises etc... and eventually render it to 3D in Puppy Ray GPU.

You can import such large mages with Default Targa(!) as the mode from File > Save, or through the options in File > General File Converter for other file formats.

What is JSplacement

JSplacement is a program that can be used to create awesome bumpmaps, displacement maps, heightmaps, ... and you can use the results in Dogwaffle's PD Artist or PD Howler to create 3D renderings that look awesome.

JSplacement is an awesome (!) program, and it is free. It is from Windmill art:
JSplacement is built upon ElectronJS - equally awesome. If you're a developer:

You get the idea. It's all awesome.


Here is something not created in 8k. More are coming. Stay tuned for 8k samples.

Here is a 'saucer' heightmap. Created with Howler. Then Rendered with Filter > Transform > Puppy Ray >Puppy Ray GPU in Howler

Saucer01 and Saucer 2 - click for larger views


QuickTest - based on an elevation map that started in JSplacement. The 8kx8k image was created in JSplacement and downsampled to 2kx2k. Here is the image:

512x512 preview as jpeg. Click to view the 2kx2k png and save that.

And here are sample renderings with the above image used as heightmap in
Puppy Ray GPU:

Some were rendered back to 2kx2k resolutions. SOme with water plane, some without. Some with Bump, some without. A lot of options in PuppyRay.

8k Samples

Here below is a heightmap that was created in PD Howler. Its dimensions are 8192 x 8192 pixels. It is saved as a jpeg. The preview is a 512x512 subset. Click it, and you'll see the full sized original jpeg and you can download that to experiment with it.

Full image size: 1.5 MB

Here are two examples of 8k renderings. The first is at AA = 8 render passes only.

Different view and settings, AA = 36 render passes