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Amapi Pro 7.5

Amapi Pro Basics

Introducing Amapi Pro
Interface Quick-tour
Opening and Closing Model Files
The Rooms
The Preferences Editor Pt.1
The Preferences Editor Pt.2
Saving Your Models Pt.1
Saving Your Models Pt.2
Poly or NURBS Modelling?
Poly / NURBS Toggle

The Interface and Screen Layout

The Tool Palette
The Control Panel
Describing the Scene View Pt.1
Describing the Scene View Pt.2
The Optional Palettes
Single and Multi Pane Modes


Using the Navigation Palette
Navigation Palette (Viewpoint Tool)
Smart Navigation Pt.1
Smart Navigation Pt.2

Getting Started Modelling

Creating Freehand Primitives Pt.1
Creating Freehand Primitives Pt.2
Creating Precise Primitives
Modified Primitives
Creating Grid Planes
Move Tool
Rotate Tool Pt.1
Rotate Tool Pt.2 (Global/Local Toggle)
Stretch Tool Pt.1 (Point Editing)
Stretch Tool Pt.2
Scale Tool
Some Basic Selection Techniques
Freehand Extruding
Freehand Extruding and Sweeping

Selection Techniques in Full

Selection Techniques - Pt.1
Selection Techniques - Pt.2
Selection Techniques - Pt.3

Drawing Curves & Polylines

Introducing Polylines
NURBS Curves
Interpolated Curves
Bezier Curves
Editing Basic Curves (Stretch tool)
Editing Derived Curves (Stretch tool)
Editing Bezier Curves (Stretch tool)
Deleting Points on a Curve
Adding Points to a Curve
Composite Curves
Extracting Curves Pt.1
Extracting Curves Pt.2
Extracting Curves Pt.3

Object Creation Using Curves

Extruding Curves (Freehand)
Sweeping Curves (Freehand)
Extruding Along a Path Pt.1
Extruding Along a Path Pt.2
Sweeping Along a Path
Double Sweep Tool
Ruled Surface Tool Pt.1
Ruled Surface Tool Pt.2
Coons Surfaces
Gordon Surfaces (From Open Curves)
Gordon Surfaces (From Closed Curves)
Facet Creation Tool Pt.1
Facet Creation Tool Pt.2

The Modeling Palette

Chamfer Tool Pt.1
Chamfer Tool Pt.2
Chamfer Tool Pt.3
Chamfer Tool Pt.4
Thickness / Offset Tool Pt.1
Thickness / Offset Tool Pt.2
Cut Tool Pt.1 (Booleans)
Cut Tool Pt.2 (Punch)
Cut Tool Pt.3 (Extract / Slice)
Delete Tool
Tesselate Tool (Standard Tessellation)
Tesselate Tool (Custom Tessellation)
Deform Tool (Control Box)
Deform Tool (Bend / Twist / Taper / etc)
Bend Tool
Mold Tool
Bump / Soften Tool

Smoothing Objects

Smoothing Surfaces & Volumes Pt.1
Smoothing Surfaces & Volumes Pt.2
Smoothing Curves & Polylines Pt.1
Smoothing Curves & Polylines Pt.2
Smoothing Summary (With Box Modeling Exercise)

Dynamic Geometry

The DG Palette Pt.1
The DG Palette Pt.2
Working with DG Pt.1
Working with DG Pt.2
Smoothing and DG Pt.3
Working with DG Turned Off

The Control Panel

General Comment
Grouping / Ungrouping Objects
Absolute / Relative Modes
Simplified Display
The Ghost Icons (Hidden Layer)
Backface Culling

Working Planes (Advanced)

When to Change the Working Plane
Changing the Working Plane
The Camera Plane
Changing the Orthonormal Base Origin

NURBS Modelling

What is NURBS Modelling?
Basic Principles
Creating NURBS Primitives
Editing NURBS Volumes
Adding Geometry to Nurbs Surfaces
Creating & Editing NURBS Curves
Adding Geometry to Nurbs Curve
Deleting NURBS Elements
Creating NURBS Surfaces from Curves
Trimming NURBS Surfaces
Ruled Surface Tool Pt.1
Ruled Surface Tool Pt.2
Chamfer / Fillet Intro
Chamfer / Fillet Usage
Using the Thickness / Offset tool

Advanced NURBS

Using the Manifold Tool
Understanding BREPS
Correcting NURBS Display Problems
Customising NURBS Display
Projecting a NURBS Curve
Converting NURBS to Polyhedral
Match Tangents Tool

The Assembly Palette

Duplicate Tool
Duplicate (on a Support)
Symmetry Tool
Close Tool
Snap / Align Tool
Lay-on Tool
Weld Tool Pt.1
Weld Tool Pt.2
Decimate Tool
Measurements Tool

NURBS Project

Nurbs Project Intro
NURBS Project Step 1.
NURBS Project Step 2.
NURBS Project Step 3.
NURBS Project Step 4.
NURBS Project Step 5.
NURBS Project Step 6.
NURBS Project Step 7.
NURBS Project Step 8.
NURBS Project Step 9.
NURBS Project Step 10.

Managing Your Scenes

The Object Information Panel
The Scene Graph
Search Objects
Naming Objects
Enter / Leave Group
Context-Sensitive Menu

The Rendering Room

Assigning & Editing Materials Pt.1
Assigning & Editing Materials Pt.2
Rendering Conditions

The Catalog Room

Working with Directories

The Preferences Editor

Setting Preferences

The Shortcuts Editor

Customising Shortcuts


Object Normals

Preparing Models for Export

Exporting Poly-Models
Exporting Nurbs for CAD / CAM

Amapi Pro Patches

Downloading Patches

Last Word

What Has Been Covered
Credits / Thanks
About the Author


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