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Teddy Bear
turn an image into a 3D model... in a few minutes

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it's not easy to be a favorite teddy

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free! teddybear model
in Wavefront OBJ and DirectX .x format with supporting texture
size: 3.17 MB (3,331,152 bytes)

Tracing the first Ear

Use the prior technique to zoom in close to the object you want to trace and pick up as a 3D object. For example, the left-side ear (the bear's right ear)

Use the right-mouse button to trace the outline, which will appear in red.

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As soon as you release the right mouse button, it completes the outline selection. Archipelis creates a 3D mesh based on the shape of the traced outline, and assigns u,v texture addresses along each vertex of the mesh so as to pick up the same details from the image behind.

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Zoom out and then zoom into the other ear's region, and trace it to pick up a 3D model of it too.

In no time you'll have two 3D models of ears with the bear's texture on it.

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Next: trace the entire head. Or perhaps just the center muzzle area, or even the nose alone? You can trace whichever pody parts you like to have available for 3D use by itself. This can add more depth and flexibility in case you want to animate it. For example, it's easier to make the bottom jaw and mouth move to make it look like teddy is speaking, when there actually is a 3D object we can animate.

Correcting a few points along the outline

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Zoom into the area of interest where perhaps the curve needs some corrections.

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Then select the icon in the bottom right tool panel which lets you view and edit each of the points defining the outline curve.

Zoom to the area that needs adjustments

Use the Right mouse button to adjust the postion of the points marked by red dots. If you move a point a lot, the neighboring points start moving with it. You can alos jiggle the point back and forth and inline with the curve instead of perpendicularly to it.

Try and play to adjust the shape.


Adding more Body Parts

Trace a few more objects. The arms, the chest, legs etc...

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Adjusting a model & interactive viewing

On the tools pabnel, in lower left, click the arrow pointer tool next to the magnifying glass.

In that mode, the currently selected item shows a ring of tools for manipulation.

For example, click the middle body part or chest. Then use the left mouse button on the background to orbit around the selected object of the scene.

 part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4