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Teddy Bear
turn an image into a 3D model... in a few minutes

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free! teddybear model
in Wavefront OBJ and DirectX .x format with supporting texture
size: 3.17 MB (3,331,152 bytes)

Resetting the View

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Click the blue circle in the middle of the manipulator widget. This will re-align the viewing direction so that we are looking in the same direcgtion as we were when we drew the shape or traced the outline initially.

Adding some depth along Z

The right-most icon in the manipular lets you add some extrusion depth


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There's also an undo icon in the lower left of the manipulator.

More Transforms, Shifting, Squeezing...

You can shift the shape sideways and up/down
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Or also shift it in and out along the Z axis. You can also squeeze it flat.

It will take just a few seconds or minutes to adjust and shape our teddy.

Viewing Modes

In the top tool panel (the view panel), you get to switch between various viewing modes.

Here's a mode which shows the density of the triangle mesh created by Archipelis. You can actually adjust that.

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Merging the parts

Here's a low resolution mesh. Notice that we have merged the various body parts into a single object.

To merge objects which overlap, hit the SPACEBAR

Time for a Break!

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Need more detail in the mesh after merging?

No problem, use the menu "Quality of merge"

Careful, this can significantly increase memory usage and time to process. Go in small, easy steps especially if your PC is no super computer :-)

Here's a much finer mesh. Great for editing in illustrations, but probably useless for interactive games. If you plan on using your models in Second Life or other 3D games, be sure to use low res meshes. The detail will come from the texture instead, and from using bump maps as well.

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Other Display Modes

Here's a cartoon mode

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We also find a Stereo mode, for use with your Red/Blue glasses (stereo goggles)
  < click to enlarge

Other viewing options: 4 views

You can also work in multiple views, front, top and side plus perspective.

You can then in fact load a different image into the other views. This is particularly useful if you create a model from 2 or more views, such as a front and side view of a head.

We'll do a separate tutorial on this later.

 part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4