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   Artist edition of
                                            Project Dogwaffle

Fast & affordable Digital Painting - powered by Project Dogwaffle

                                  and visual effectsjust Paint the music of Project Dogwaffle

 A brief history of painting with PD Artist:  earlier | v9.6 | v10 | v11 | v12 (2019) | all releases of PD Artist | v13 (2020) | This is now PD Artist 2021 !

Newest Builds & Latest Releases:


PD Artist 2021 (v14)

the documentation is in the Howler documentation. Simply ignore the parts that relate to video & animation

Order PD Artist 2021 or PD Howler 2021 - Click here!

Slideshow of PD Howler & PS Artist artwork created over the many years:


Old but not forgotten:

Now even more affordable

the 2020 editions:

PD Artist 2020 (v13)