a great companion for 3D: Project Dogwaffle 3 for texturing, post work, special FX
PD Pro Digital Painter for post work

Carrara User Examples:

Atomic City
Markus Rothkranz uses Carrara with live Video for creating Digital Magic
 more cool tools

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Atomic City
Astro Films

Summary of Scenes
made by Markus Rothkranz with Carrara
Atomic City:
(copyright Markus Rothkranz and Astro Films)

new video clip!  Mpeg format  (16 MB)
View or download here : AC_Carrara_shots320c.mpg 

the big picture: a collection of many clips

A collection of images:

Other experiments:

Wanted: Carrara

animated skies and objects

Computer (robot) girl

animated facemaps and robotic legs

Lightning and Explosion

Glow effect on animated Spline tube, particles
and Explosion modifier

A Walk on a Bridge

3D Robot over Live Video

Live video clip texture mapped into 3D Scene

Debbie on cliff

Shadow Catchers - now you see them, now you don't

Ufo flying around shadow catcher geometry 'hiding' in front of still image of cityscape.
(contains sound effects)
Ufo flying around shadow catcher geometry 'hiding' in front of still image of cityscape5
view the animations:
> if you have Quicktime 6 : small | medium (H.263 compression)
> if you have Quicktime 7 : small | medium (H.264 compression)

More Examples by Markus Rothkranz:

Atomic City

see also:

mostly done with earlier
versions of Carrara
(Carrara Studio 1.1 and Carrara Studio 2)

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