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Import 3D Models into 3D Layers for animation in 2D:

powerful animation software, Anime Studio Pro

Curvy 3D can now
import OBJ files

and export to
.X, 3DS and OBJ!

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What's New

What is New in v2 ?      see the press release

Aartform Curvy 3D 2.0 has new volumetric sculpting tools that makes basemesh creation incredibly easy. You can draw the shapes for your model then merge the shapes together to create a seamless base mesh. This is great for rapid content creation  and produces an even mesh for detailing in other modelling software.

Curvy is great at organic art, and now adds a full set of digital clay tools to its drawing toolset. Warp brushes let you sculpt as easily as you can paint colours onto the surface. You can pinch, and buldge, roughen, smooth and flatten the model easily. 3D Sculpting is easy and fun with Curvy.

Artists with an interest in getting into computer graphics appreciate the sketch based graphic tools and intuitive controls to shape and sculpt models in Curvy - it is all simple and non-technical, you don't have to work with individual triangles. And it is easy to use Curvy models with programs like Bryce, Poser, Fragmotion & Meshlab, both for import and to export then render.

Curvy has improved obj export so it is easier to use Curvy models in other rendering software. You can also save hi-resolution screenshots from Curvy's views for use in another graphics program, and Curvy's TGA screenshots support Alpha for easy compositing in your graphics program.

Originally a sketch-based sculpting program, Curvy now lets you create image based 3D models using a simple image inflate tool. This is handy for photo based modelling and for shapes that are much easier to create as a graphic design rather than a 3D model.

Lighting and texturing are easy in Curvy as the viewports are always use the best realtime render settings. You can paint on bump and displacement maps and see the results as you paint. Image creation is WYSIWYG making for friendly artist software. Curvy's realtime renderer lets you create a wide range of materials (eg: skin, glass, metal) using lightmaps.

A sculpting tool designed for easy 3-d modelling, Curvy is compatible with most leading graphic tools. Curvy has been used as fast concept visualization software, image creation, illustration artwork, and game modelling, and is increasingly used to generate basemesh geometry for hi-resolution sculpting.

Curvy 3D 2.0, has new Modelling Commands, new Sculpting Tools, a Posing System and integration with Dogwaffle. Also screenshots can now be saved with an alpha channel as TGA at up to 5x screen resolution.

Modelling Commands Mirror Mesh, Explode, UV Front/Back, Merge, Inflate Image.
Sculpting Tools Warp Inflate/Deflate, Smooth/Noise, Local Flatten.
Posing System Switch from modelling view to a posing view for easier scene setup. See a sample tutorial: Bones 101
Dogwaffle Integration Swap textures with Dogwaffle to add effects to textures, or paint on alpha channels.

Full documentation available in the free Curvy 3D Demo

Read the Press Releases

What was New in v1.5 ?    

Curvy 3D 1.5, has new Import and Export choices, new Curve Editing Tools, and a set of Mesh Warping Tools. Also the maximum resolution of meshes has been increased and a High-Res Screenshot command added.

In addition to better tools Curvy 1.5 now has an extended lightmap library you can use.

Finally, this help file is now available from the help menu inside Curvy.

Import/Export Obj, X, 3DS formats supported for export + Obj supported for import.
Curve Editing Straighten and Trim Curve tools for smart editing of curves.
Mesh Warp Tools New mesh tools are Add, Sub, Flatten, Pinch.
Widgit Edit Mesh Meshes can now be edited with the widgit tools for full freeform deformation.

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