you can fly!? the missing link between ArtWeaver and Dogwaffle:


a free plugin for  Artweaver that connects to Dogwaffle
and now also to PD Particles!


 If you didn't know, when both applications are running at the same time, you can switch between the two (and other application's) windows with the ALT-Tab keys.

This is a Plugin
developed by Boris Eyrich for ArtWeaver - it connects Project Dogwaffle to Artweaver, meaning that when you run Artweaver and Dogwaffle at the same time, you can send images from Artweaver directly into Dogwaffle, and also load images from Dogwaffle back into Artweaver.

You can also specify how or where to send the images. For example, when loading an image from Dogwaffle back into Artweaver,  should it load into the current layer, or become a new layer for the current document, or even come in as a new document? There are also choices for the alpha channel to be used or ignored.

August 2006 update:  The DogWeaver plugin now also recognizes PD Particles.

The original  announcement:  (May 23, 2006)

DogWeaver is now available

Normally you can only share your work with other Programs via the Clipboard or by saving to a temporary file. This is bothering and not all informations are kept by this way (especially the alpha channel data, and layers).

DogWeaver provides you with an easy way to send images from Artweaver to Project Dogwaffle, and from Project Dogwaffle back to Artweaver. So you don't have to use the Clipboard or temporary files.

With this Plug-In you can easily use your favorite tool in your preferred program without any restrictions by different file formats or unsupported features. Therefore you can use Project Dogwaffle and Artweaver hand in hand.

To use DogWeaver, just select "Export to Dogwaffle" from the File>Export menu
in Artweaver and you'll have just sent your current work to Project Dogwaffle.
expotr from Artweaver to Dogwaffle

The Image sent from ArtWeaver is loaded into Dogwaffle's Main Buffer, if the two have the same dimensions. Otherwise, a new image buffer is created in Dogwaffle to hold the incoming image from Artweaver.

After you have finished your work in Project Dogwaffle, choose in Artweaver "Import from Dogwaffle". Now your work is back in Artweaver.
Import Dogwaffle image to Artweaver
Notice the checkbox for 'Import Alpha'. This is very useful if you have for example painted grass and shrubbery with the alpha-enabled particle brushes in Dogwaffle. You can then make that alpha channel come into Artweaver to create a new layer where the shrubbery remains opaque and the blank space around it remains transparent, thus revealing the image from the layer underneath.

System requirements
- Project Dogwaffle 1.2 or PD Pro 3.5 or higher  installed
- Artweaver 0.3.9 installed
- enough RAM for both programs

Extract the downloaded archive file into the Artweaver Plug-In directory and restart Artweaver. The Artweaver Plug-In directory is in the Artweaver program folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\Artweaver 0.3\Plug-Ins\.

After installing the plugin, when you run ArtWeaver, a new option appears in the File/Import and File/Export menus, to send or load images to or from Project Dogwaffle..

You can get Project Dogwaffle from

Download Url:



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