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White Continent - Sudden Darkness
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#14 - Bev's Penguins

#14 - Bev's Penguins

Chick: Mom, I'm really scared!!
Mom: It's okay, come your Dads with flashlights!
by: Bev
age: A little younger than Grandma Moses!
from: USA
software: Photo of penguins worked in PSP..into Bryce on a lattice..background and in PSP.

#13 - Twinguins

#13 - Twinguins

by: nathalie
age: 10
from:  California
tools: Dogwaffle and a helpful dad

#12 - frogdots' eclipse
grogdot's eclipse
#12 - frogdots' penguin eclipse

from: frogdot
Country: US
Tools: Bryce background, Dogwaffle, with Photoshop touch-up.

#11 - Staying warm inside

#11 -- Staying warm inside

"Pinguin raucht sich ein Pfeifchen während der Sonnenfinsternis"
"Penguin  relaxes with a pipe  while watching the solar eclipse"

Gerd Schröder
Ecole Moser
Genf, CH (Switzerland)

#10 - 65,000,000 B.C.
getting dark 65 million A.D.
#10 -- 65,000,000 B.C..  -  a memorable eclipse

"Wait...., wait.... just a few more seconds, you'll see, it will get really dark very soon now."

by: Philip Staiger
from:  California
tools: Carrara Studio and Dogwaffle

#9 - nBT Penguin
#9 -- nBT Penguin jumping with joy!

by: nBT aka Mattijs Middag
from: Holland
tool used: project Dogwaffle
#8 - by Athena

#8 -- untitled

by: Athena
age:  7
from:  Australia
tools used:  Zbrush and PaintShopPro
#7 - It's coming!

#7 --     "Quiet everyone... It's coming!"

Carl Desmond, - made with Carrara Studio

Also see Carl's animation in Anark format
#6 - look, in the sky!
#6 -- "Look, in the sky!"

I used Dogwaffle to make the image, and Poser to make the penguins, so I could turn them into brushes in dogwaffle. Thanks
-Sallie Richardson
artist Name: pokeydots
Age:  Old!
#5 - Leisure Penguin

#5 -- Leisure Penguin

Hi I'm David Brigham, and I love to use Amapi and Bryce together. Here's  an example. I have many more  'impossible' creatures on my website - visit the Brigham Beasts.

Software used:  Amapi 3D and Bryce

#4 - Puzzled penguins

#4 -- Puzzled penguins

Hi, my name is Kelly Christiansen, I'm 47 and really enjoy Dogwaffle.
I also use Terragen for landscapes in 3D.   I live in the USA.
Software used:  Terragen + Project Dogwaffle

original (large image, 2.5k x 1.9k pixels)

#3 - Oh Noooooo
shock and awe
#3 -- Oh Noooooo!..."

By Faed Moufti "Ed"
Cambridge Ontario, CANADA
edmoufti @ hotmail .com

#2 - Family time at the Maziero's
quality time

#2 -- Family time at the Maziero's

 .... watching the live webcasts on TV.
"Mom,? Dad? can I please go play outside now, before it gets dark?..."

by Marcelo Maziero, 32, USA, made with Carrara Studio 3
 Visit my gallery of other fun illustrations at

#1 - so real she glows
penguin vangogh oaints the eclipse

#1 -- so real she glows

     "Guin vanGogh  stopped for a moment after painting the eclipse, to enjoy the last few seconds of the event, and compared it to his magnificent painting. That's when he got startled and dropped his brush.  To his amazement, his art work was looking so real, just like the real Sun, he could have sworn it was glowing!  "Wow", said Marlin, "I say, be careful not to look directly at your painting mate, Klipsi says it's gonna be too bloody bright for your eyes when she's over."

by Philip Staiger - scene assembled from 3D models, and rendered in Carrara Studio 2, a 3D program by Eovia; the prior version (Carrara Studio 1.1) available for just $33 at Purplus Software and includes a full version of Amapi 3D v5.15 which is also a TGS/Eovia product. Check for free versions of Amapi 3D.


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