Dogwaffle of the Moment...

Phoenix Rial

My name is  Phoenix Rial.  My website is 

I call Portland, Oregon my home

I'm 28

I'm a grad student and working part time.
I heard of Project Dogwaffle through my sister who emailed me the info. I use the free version 1.2

I haven't used it for very long yet, but long enough to find that it's REALLY cool!  I am guessing somewhere in the 6-10 month range now. Must have seen it in the summer 2004 first.
I like to sketch.  

As to my main profession? Trying to figure out what it is I really want to do...!

What I like most about Dogwaffle?  too many things to mention them all. Certainly includes all the different built-in paint, oil, charcoal choices, the background patterning options, and of course the awesome effects!

  I have a lot of pegasus pictures because I have been designing a web page for someone and that is the symbol.  It has taken quite a large amount of time to get a picture I liked - i am used to only drawing in pen (which is very different than the "pen" in this program), so it took a lot of playing to see what would produce what outcome.  I've done a white one (with oil) with a dark purple/blue swirlish background (and added those fun little sparkles in Special Effects, which I love) and a purple water color one in lighter clouds.  I love both.  Then I did the dark grey/black pegasus (charcoal) with the trees behind it -this one is on the website- that was a lot of fun to do when I understood more how things worked.  The Owl was fairly difficult as it is the only one I've ever drawn.  I was looking on my sister's incredible portrait - as if i could duplicate it.  I think my favorite to work with is the charcol, seconded by oils.     
Having this program available is really handy for getting my work onto the web - I have designed also a very simple water color dragonfly for the site and one or two other things may go on it as well.       

all pictures are (c) copyright 2005 Phoenix Rial - all rights reserved, no unauthorized duplication please