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Missing a Render button in a plugin?
Adjusting the Font Size & Accessibility options to fix some missing dialog elements (such as the Render button).



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The Problem:

I am using PD version 4.1. In the brush timeline editor (to manage and modify animated brushes) I cannot make changes as the Render button is inaccessible. It appears totally obscured by the filter list that extends too far down. Check out the attached screenshot to see what I mean.

Is there any patch available, or any adjustment I can do on my end to make this feature usable? BTW the animation timeline has a similiar issue, we have a partially obscured render button, but there is enough exposed to make it functional.

The Answer:

New! possible solution:  is your system missing the Arial Narrow Font?

other ideas:

You can first try this: resiz the brush timeline editor window. Grab the lower right corner and drag it down to make more the filter list appeaqr, perhaps reaching beyond the last filter entry. AT that time it may stop growing with it and might reveeal the Render button below.

However, there is probably a simple reason why it's doing this in the first place: Your system may be configured to use large fonts. This can mess with the layout of some dialog panels.

Changing the Font size

Try this to return to the default font size:

  1. Right-click on your desktop, select Properties. This will open Display Properties, also accessible from the Control panel.
  2. In the Display Properties, select the Appearance tab
  3. In the Appearance tab, select Font size: Normal
  4. Click Apply. You may need to restart Dogwaffle, maybe not. See if you can exit the plugin only, and relaunch it without needing to relaunch Dogwaffle altogether.

You might also try the Accessibility Wizard from the Control Panel.

 >>> Chose the small (usual) text

And here's what it will and should look like in PD Pro's Timeline editor:

^^^ The Render button at the bottom of the filter list is no longer hidden.

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Missing the Arial Narrow font?

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