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Increasing the Maximum
Undo Memory Allocation
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How can I increase the number of undo levels? The slider in the File>Prefs/Memory options panel only goes to 96 MB, and if I work on a 2k x 2k imagewhich is 4 mega pixels, I can only get about 5 or 6 levels of Undo. It seems like a 4 mega pixel image takes about 16 Mbytes of Ram when loaded into memory, which would make sense since there's an 8-bit (1-byte) value for each red, green and blue, plus the alpha, so in all 4 bytes per pixel.

Is there a way to increase the levels of undo so as to better work with large images?


The memory is allocated when starting Dogwaffle. The amount to allocate is kept in a registry, named


You can use regedit to edit the system registry and modify the value stored for this variable.

Warning: Do this carefully. If you only have 256 MB RAM you probably don't want to allocate much more memory than 96 MB  anyway or it will go virtual and start swapping through the pagefile system on disk, which is much much slower than if it all fits in RAM. But if you have for example 768 MB of Ram or more, then you could possibly set the value to 200, 300 or even higher.  Some experimenting may be recommended. Memory allocation is not instantaneous.  It may impact the flow and launch time of this and other programs too if too much has been allocated.

Here's how to try it:
- Quit Dogwaffle before changing the registry entries. 
- start regedit  (e.g.:  Startmenu > Run:  regedit  )
- open the category named  "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"
- open the subcategory  named "Software"
- further down find and open the sub category  "VB and VBA Program Settings"
There are 3 categories there. 
registry entry mem_maxUndo for controlling the number of Undo's

- Look in the 'Startup' category:   the  "mem_MaxUndo"  variable  is set to 96 if your slider was set to the max.
Select the variable and use the Edit menu to Modify it, or right-click the variable to Modify it. Or double-click the variable to modify it.
I don't know what to value recommend, it depends on your system's amount of Ram, speed of Ram, speed of processor, .... If you have 1024 MB (1 GB) of RAM installed, perhaps try 400 for this?
I also don't know if it has to have it in RAM or if it can find it as virtual memory in the system's pagefile.  Time to experiment? 

- Start Dogwaffle and see if it can hold more undos.

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