you can fly!? Tutorial using the animated waveing lua filter

Waving in the Breeze

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waving in the breeze

lua scripts

This tutorial shows some tools and techniques used with PD Pro 3.5 and higher to created an animation of grass or shrubbery, waveing back and forth in the wind

Starting Image

We'll start with a few vertical pieces of shrubbery drawn with the Optipustics particle brushes. In this case we used the Pine branches presets. Instead of the usual horizontal sideways motion, we painted then top to the bottom.

We also made sure there's plenty of whitespace around it to the left, right and the top edge.

Other popular bresets than work will are Dogwillow, Grass, JoshuaTree etc...

click to view the animation

From Still Image to Animation

Select the Create... option in the Animation menu.

You will be offered to choose the number of desired frames for this new animation. The default is 30. We'll choose a little more, 36.

PD Pro informs you about the amount of RAM needed for the new animation. It also shows you how much memory is free (unused RAM) on your system, and what the new amount represents as a percentage of the total physical memory installed on the system.

The frames will be initialized not as blanks, but as a copy of the current image.

Launching the Lua Script

You will now want to launch the Lua script that will apply the waving animation across the frame sequence of the animation.

One convenient way to launch the Lua script is from the Lua browser. It can be found in the "Misc" tab of the plugins panel, or also launched directly  from the Utilities submenu of the Windows menu. That's of course assuming that you did install the DogLua plugin and related utilities.

When the Lua browser is running, scroll to the bottom of the alphabetically sorted list of scripts and seelct the wave_in_breeze.lua script. Click the Run button. The Wave plugin will start and display the user interface dialog window, with several sliders to adjust its options.

Click "Ok" to apply the waving filter through the frames of your animation.

The Animation:

file: waving2-ind4.avi

part 1 > part 2 > part 3 > part 4 > part 5