you can fly!? Lua scripting for Project Dogwaffle:

Tall Grass
lua-animated to weave in the wind


lua scripts

Here's an example of tall grass which was painted with particle brushes by game designer burt abreu

Using the Lua script for waving, here's a simple animation that shows it like waving in the wind >

conversion from AVI to .swf by
Segon's Boomer Video

Avi versions of animated tall grass:

(Xvid codec, size: 105 KB)

Stored as a brush:  waving-burttallgrass.7z
size: 629 KB compressed with 7-zip format

Rendered  over animated skies with plasma noise used for clouds:

xvid: 256x256 (473 KB)

xvid: 512x512 (1,899 KB)

Added the flare+streaks brush  from the brush FX tools.

xvid: 256x256 (282 KB)

indeo: 256x256 (679 KB)

Conversion to .swf stream by
Segon's Boomer Video

With animated  flare and streaks as well as lens flares rendered on top of it.

xvid: 256x256 (264 KB)

indeo: 256x256  (1 MB)