Important Installation Notes - PD Pro 3.1 Update
it pays to know your waffle...

If during the installation you get an error message like this one:

could not find 3.0 installation

then please note that the default installation folder has changed.

In prior versions, the default location was

    C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle

and if you didn't explicitly install version 3 or 2 and its upgrade to 3 in a different place, then that's still where your current Project Dogwaffle PD Pro 3.0 installation should be located.  You will need to tell the 3.1 updater about the correct location.

The installer for the 3.1 update looks for a different folder by default, namely

    C:\Program Files\PD Pro

So, when you get to dialog window shown below, before you click the Install button, be sure to verify the validity of the Install path shown in the textbox above the button. (Use the Browse... button if you don't know for sure. Look in Program Files on the C drive).

Change it as necessary to the path which reflects your current installation of v3.0.

To summarize: know your dogwaffle, remember the folder in which you installed it.

Thanks for waffling!