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Examples of models made with Hexagon

3D Stickers
                  by Michel Agullo

Hexagon 2 is one of the very best 3D modelers. Period.
(And this is not even the latest version)

It includes phenomenal curve based construction tools, subdivision surfaces, texture painting, bump mapping  and displacement painting.

Here is a short summary of features:

DAZ Hexagon 2 delivers all the tools a graphic artist needs to create complete, detailed, textured 3D models ready to be rendered. In addition to the extensive range of modeling features provided in its original release, Hexagon 2 now offers Freehand modeling brushes, microdisplacement modeling tools, comprehensive UV-mapping module with UV-unfold, advanced 3D paint, and instant Ambient Occlusion, just to name a few.


    • Intuitive edge-modeling
    • Organic modeling with instant surface-subdivision Advanced Surface construction
    • Hi-level 3D modeling tools
    • Fully editable construction history (Dynamic Geometry™)
    • Export to Carrara, OBJ, 3DS, DXF, STL Illustrator® Import
    • Fast and functional polygonal manipulators for flexible and intuitive edge-modeling
    • Comprehensive and clever selection system for very fast surfaces manipulation
    • Instant dynamic surface subdivision engine for smooth and organic modeling
    • Advanced surfaces construction for complex shapes
    • Advanced modeling tools (Boolean operators, Filleting, …)
    • Editable construction history
    • Clear and enjoyable user interface

Hexagon 2 New Features:

  • Brush Modeling
    • Freehand modeling tools
    • Displacement Modeling
    • Bump Map Painting
  • UV Mapping
    • UV-Unfold
    • UV-Mapping module
  • Texturing
    • Paint and Reveal textures
    • Transparency
    • Combine effects for advanced materials
  • Display
    • Instant Ambient Occlusion
    • Real-time shadows
  • Smoothing
    • Multi-resolution smoothing
    • Smooth creasing
  • Performance
    • Major polygon count improvement
    • Ultra-fast high polygon count models edition
  • Modeling
    • Autosnap on surfaces
    • Deformers on selection and FreeForm Deformation Cage (NFFD)
    • Tesselate from a Line
  • Interface & Workflow
    • Support for pen tablets:
    • Resizeable 3D Views
    • Contextual menus
    • Dockable Palettes
    • Additional floating 3D View
  • Additional New Features in Hexagon 2
    • Improved SceneTree
    • Full support of dual-screen
    • Memory usage optimized
    • Improved documentation (audio dubbing, hyper links, and more)
    • Hexagon User’s Guide
    • Normal Maps / Bump Maps support
    • Adjust soft selection radius using the mouse
    • Faster launch
    • Simplified layout of tooltab
    • Focal set by value
    • Extended numerical fields
    • Dialog scrolling with mouse wheel

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