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What's New in PD Pro 7.2?

the reinvented Timeline

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PD Pro 7.2 has a new animation timeline.

It can be accessed directly from the animation control bar:

accessing the timeline from
                        the animation control bar

The timeline can of course still also be accessed from the Animation menu:

Note that the prior version of the Timeline editor can still also be accessed from the plugins panel in the

  Windows > Other > Plugins panel 

menu (keyboard shortcut k).

Perhaps the only reason to do so would be to access the animated brush filter 'Wave brush in breeze'. All others have been ported over to the new Timeline and have been much improved.

The new timeline packs a lot of power when compared to the prior version. Many of its filters run significantly faster.

Several new filters were added to it as well, such as the Shift, Twirl and 3D Perspective transforms.

Here's an example of what it might look like when using it with the 3D Perspective filter:

the timeline's new look with 3D
                          Perspective filter rendering in progress
click image to enlarge

The example below shows the result of applying some twirls and then passing it through the 3D designer:

Can't see the video? download & view:    mp4  -  webm  -  ogg 


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