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Steam Notes #1 - amended for Howler 10

Error when launching PD Howler 10: 

Unexpected error; quitting? 


PD Pro, Howler edition

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What's this Error?


The long answer:
There re many reasons possible, and if you do a Google Search for it, you'll find more than one reference to it.

However, what's the most common reason for Howler, and how to fix it?  Read on...

The short fix:

 The explanation is the same as for PD Howler 9.6 or other programs powered by Project Dogwaffle.

Find where PD Howler 10 is installed in Steam, and fix this problem for good

(1) Most likely, your Steam installation on Windows lives in the 32-bit tree of Program Files on the C: drive: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

(2) Inside of the Steam folder, find the steamapps sub-folder:

(3) Digging deeper, open the common sub-folder:

Keep digging, we're not there yet:  You may have many games here, we had just a few. We had uninstalled Howler 9.6 but the folder might still be there, albeit empty.

(4) Howler 10 shows as a folder named PD  Howler 10 (note: although not likely, it might slightly change over time for future updates)

So here we are in the folder of the PD Howler 10  installation under Steam. You'll want to look for the file named dogwaffle.exe

(5) You'll need to scroll down to find it, most likely, unless you have a high resolution screen and a tall window on it.

(6) Did you find it? This is the program file from which PD Howler is launched: dogwaffle.exe

You can in fact try to run it from here, or create a shortcut to your desktop for easy launch outside of Steam too, if you want.

If we run it right now, it will likely still fail with the "Unexpected error; quitting" error, because we haven't run it as Administrator yet.

(7) So, try right-clicking, and (8)  use Run as Administrator.

You need to do this just once, if prior or other versions of Dogwaffle had been installed, or if the installer was not raised to Administrator level. This is in order to self-register a bunch of files for its use.

After you've done this once, it should launch fine without the need to run as Administrator again.

[ 8 ]    Note that if you still run Howler 9.6 or other versions of Dogwaffle (such as PD Particles, PD Artist,...) you might have the problem again when switching back and forth between those two or more different installations.

Therefore, here's a better fix:

If you prefer to run this one as Administrator every time automatically, use the Properties option at the bottom of that right-click menu.

1. Select the Properties view from the right-click context menu.

2. In the Properties view, select the Compatibility tab

3. check the box for 'Run this program as an administrator'

4. click OK

From here on, whenever this program is launched, it will re-register its dependencies for its use. If you keep other versions of Dogwaffle on the same system, you may want to make that change for them too.

Happy howling!  and thanks for waffling.

Don't miss out!

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