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Letters to/from Mars
The joys of digital landscaping with Project Dogwaffle:

PD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital painting,  animation & video, 3D and visuall effects

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The Wind(ow)s to Mars - an eternal work of erosion

Inspired by John Somnitz's (DJ d'Artagnan) work: "Winds of Mars"

Try it for yourself, with Project Dogwaffle.
Below is a file in Dogwaffle's .lyr format. It contains the elevation map and the color map in the same file. (similar to layered file, but different: the main image is the elevation map, or height map. The color texture is in the Swap image.

Download it here:  Working_PR5.7z
(size is about 4-5 MB, compressed with 7-zip. Uncompressed it will be around 14 MB)

We are busy animating and rendering...please come back soon or scroll down for previews and other impressions

rendering an animation in PD Howler

Prior renderings off of a similar heightmap by Dan Ritchie - the author of Project Dogwaffle (

volcanic explosion or massive brush fire?