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Multiprint Plugin

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Multiprint for PD Artist

powerful user interface for intelligent printing
Multiprint was originally developed by Martin Wright as a standalone tool. A few years ago he also created a version that's a plugin for Project Dogwaffle. It runs on PD 2, PD Pro 3 and PD Pro 4 as well as PD Artist.

You will find a lot of information about this plugin here

Martin Wright Graphics website contains a lot more standalone utilities which you may want to use too. Check it out at


Download the free
Multiprint plugin
installer here:
(size= 4 MB)

Save it to your desktop.

After download is completed, double-click the file to start the installation.

During the installation, you will need to select the folder where you want it installed, typically the PD ARtist installation folder. It may default to another folder, so be sure to browse to

    C:\Program Files\PD Artist

if that's where you have PD Artist installed (it's the default location).

Note that if you also have other versions of PD installed you may not be able to install it in more than one location. If you run the installer a second time, it thinks you want to uninstall the current installation. Do that and then run the installer again to install it with a different PD version if you later upgrade to PD Pro for instance.

Why or When should you use Multiprint?

Smart Printing
When you get ready to print a piece of artwork created in PD Artist, and choose to print it on a sheet of expensive photoquality paper, it would be a shame to waste unused portions of the paper. Instead, you can manually layout additional images (or coopies of the the same) to print next to the first, at same or different orientations and size. For example, you can print four postcard sized images on a lettersized sheet, leaving very little unused white borders around the images.

Load image files

You can also use Multiprint to import a few additional image formats from some exotic files, or scan images from a scanner or other  TWAIN  source.

Send images to and from PD Artist
After loading and image from file or other means into Multiprint, you can send it to PD Artist.

Import from Clipboard
PD Artist can already send images to and from the custom brush (Brush menu > Clipboard...). However, it doesn't have the option in the Buffer menu to do the same wth the image buffer directly. That's where Multiprint can be useful again: you can import an image which is in the Clipboard into Multiprint, and then from there send it back into PD Artist.

To Probe Further
You will find a lot more information about the Multiprint plugin here

Download the
multiprint user guide:


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