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Want to Connect
to PD Particles?

PD Particles is based on Project Dogwaffle technology. Therefore, it is  very easy (and free from royalties to us) for programmers to develop add-ons to PD Particles.

If you use an OLE-enabled  software IDE (integrated development environment), such as Delphi, PowerBasic, or of course Visual Basic, then you should find it very easy to establish a connection from your own software projects to PD Particles and establish a direct communication. For example, if you program for a popular 3D modeling, rendering and animation system used in game dev, then you might want to create a module that lets PD Particles directly access images from the 3D system. (or rather: a module that sends such image data from the 3D system to and reads it back from PD Particles).

Most of the SDK information about PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle is available in the Dogwaffle SDK pages. In a nutshell, PD Particles runs as an active-X Server. All you need to do in  your program is to connect to the server and you're ready to exchange rgb and alpha channels, modify the image buffers etc...

To Probe Further

PD Particles under
Windows Vista?
  you bet - Details here
it just works!
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  postwork on photos
or  3D renderings

What's Different?
The only change is the name of the interface (and removal of animation and
layer features)

VB code snippet:

'create an Optipuss object
Dim Optipuss As Object
Set Optipuss = CreateObject("PD_Particles.Optipuss_Class")

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