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Blue Screen Compositing
using video of a running man rendered in Poser with blue background,
and combining it with another animated background made in PD Pro

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Part 1 - Getting started

the background animation

running man on blue screen

the resulting composition

compressed with 7-zip:
runningman.7z (size = 1.4 MB)

This tutorial shows how to composite a video clip with blue screen and another clip. In this example, a running man animation of 30 frames was created in Poser 5, the popular human figure art creation tool from e-Frontier/Curiouslabs.

The figure is rendered against a blue background. This will simulate real-world video of actual persons filmed in front of a blue screen.

PD Pro has the ability to create compositions of such video clips with other clips, and use the blue pixels as a means to identify transparent areas so that the other clip will show there instead. The running man will then appear to be running in front of the other clip.

  There are other techniques available too, such as greenscreen, or keying against any color, or using the alpha channel if it contains an opacity mask

We will need a second clip for this exercise. It could be from a video camera, or something created elsewhere. In this example, we use PD Pro itself. We started with a Plasm Noise (HSV mode) and applied a special sharpening tool. (Art sharpen) to also reduce the number of colors.

  A color sobel edge filter was then used, turned to greyscale, and the Value filter used to adjust contrast. This creates a nice set of black on white outlines.

The edges were then merged over the colored version, creating this look. Am animation was then created, containing 60 frames.

  Additional filters were applied, such as Mystic vision, Light diffusion and fish eye.

This ends up being the animation we'll use as the background.

< click for animation

Sample Background Animation:
bg2.avi size = 381 kb

you will need to convert this to an image sequence in BMP format if you want to use it for this exercise. (read below for details)

AVI version - indeo 4.5 codec
 runningwithbackground.avi  (785 kb)

And last but not least, here's the result we're trying to achive: a composite of the running man showing over the animated background.


Notice that the two animations are not of the same size or frame count.

The running man animation was rendered in Poser at 512x512 pixels (square). It is made of 30 frames.

The background bg2 clip has 60 frames, and is 320x240 (non-square) in shape. It needs to be available as a BMP image sequence. If you use the example here (as an AVI file) you'll need to extract the frames to BMP. PD Pro can save to image sequence in BMP. Or you can also use Irfanview or other imaging tools.

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