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  Dogwaffle on Sa le

Making affordable digital painting solutions for your PC even more affordable!

PD Particles is great for quick
                                    painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects


Now available!

Project Dogwaffle 2022 (v15)

To make magic happen, click here to buy PD Howler 2022 (v15)



Howler 2022 now also includes the earlier Howler 2021
and you are allowed and encouraged to give it as a gift to
another starving artist, or a school, or someone in the family.
They can even then or later upgrade to
Howler 2022 with 50% discount.

Howler 2022 sells for just $69
Not a monthly subscription, just a one-time fee
to support the starving artist/developer.

But we know how difficult it may be to
skip a few cups of cappucinos.

So we still also offer the cheaper earlier
version of Howler 2021

click here to Buy PD Howler 2021

(new lower price - regular $39.99)

or if you really don't need everything:

click here to Buy PD Artist 2021

(new lower price - regular $29.99)

Also check the newsletter, to see if there's a promotion at the moment

Discount Codes?

  If you have a discount code for better savings, enter it on the next order form.
If you have an earlier version and want a better discount code, contact us, just ask.


Add your discount code, if any:

1. Find the Discount code box and enter your discount code
2. click outside, the box
3. see your discounted price


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learn more about PD Artist  |  what is PD Artist?

Want to support the developer? 
ORDER directly from Dan Ritchie here:

For additional ordering information & options - click here

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