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Welcome to our iPhone editions: UkeTuTu for Ukulele, and Uketutu for  Guitar. More to come: Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Cello, Viola,...

Uketutu for
V1 / free
Uketutu for
V2 / $0.99
Uketutu for
Acoustic Guitar
V1 free
Uketutu for Ukulele,
                                  the free tuning ap
Uketutu for Ukulele, the paid v2
Uketutu for Acoustic Guitar, the
                                  free guitar tuning app

more to come - Look for it on the iTunes app store!

                        the ukulele - now free on iPhone and Touch

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Uketutu is in part powered by Project Dogwaffle

Take your Ukulele to the next level: create the perfect scene, draw and paint your vision of a fancy landscape, be at peace with your inner artist.

Watch the slideshow and be inspired.

paint the skies and play music - be

Ruben De Anda's Original Video:
the original Ukulele Tuning video by
                            Ruben De Anda

Video version with Autoplay & Repeat:

the original Ukulele Tuning video
                            by Ruben De Anda

free web HTML edition -  needs Javascript, Frames and Flash:

  More Notas:
Other Options
Download the audio versions in mp3, wma and many other formats... or run the App for PC, HTML, iPhone, and many more to come
Other Instruments
for PC, web, iPhone, and many more to come

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